What are your considerations when seeking for a family lawyer in the Philippines? Are you looking for a lawyer that is very bold and proud in annulment litigation? Or do you aspire to get one with extensive connections to expedite your adoption papers? Set aside those stuffs first. There are few points you seriously need to consider before hiring a counsel.

Family lawyers in the Philippines are legal experts of Family Code, with an above average conduct of Civil and Criminal laws. These three statutes in our country strengthen the Family Law.The meat of this decree, however, is contained in the Family Code of the Philippines, but with an offshoot in its parentdiktat – the Civil Code –, and side-sweeping the doctrines protected by the Criminal Law. When we are hovering on family affairs and any matters pertaining to this basic unit of the society, our contentions fall under the orders of the Family Law. We, therefore, rid our minds of the usual stereotyping on Family lawyersbecause they do not focus only on adoption; more so, they are not limited to the boundaries of annulment and legal separation. A family lawyer is a protector and defender of the domestic welfare in its entirety.

So where does this leave you? A criterion based on the all-inclusive intellectual expertise. We, at our office, acknowledge this pressing need. That is why we have programmed our lawyers to attune with the clientele’s demand.

Our family lawyers set their peripherals on family matters that include violence and non-violence. Rulings on violence and hostilities in the households are pretty much a concern of the Civil Law or the Criminal law, whichever is appropriate (read more about annulment lawyer in the Philippines).. The Family Code, on the other hand, guards almost all of the non-violent matters in the household extending from the time a pre-nuptial agreement or a marriage settlement is created until such time deemed necessary for the law to intervene. These are the focal expertise we require of our counsels, so they are exceeding just any other family lawyers you know.Couple this with our commitment to better serve the people and draw the law to them. The emphasis would always favor our clients’ rights.

We acknowledge your desire to have a long meaningful life so we are one with you in your quest to have a peaceful and lasting relationship with your loved ones.

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